What can a 100 watt solar panel run?

We are all aware of the benefits of solar energy. This is probably why new solar-powered kits and equipment are launched every day.

If you are testing the waters with solar-powered equipment, then getting a 100-watt panel is a smart choice. These are usually small and portable, making them ideal for not just indoor but also outdoor use. In this post, we will answer the question: what can run off of a 100-watt solar panel? And along the way, we’ll also discuss some more related information.

Enough with the small talk; let’s get into the details.

What Will A 100W Solar Panel Run?

Power And Energy

Before we get into answering what will 100W solar panel run, let’s talk about the size and power output of solar panels. A typical solar panel is not too big and is around 47” x 21.3” x 1.4”. If this is the first time you are getting a solar-powered product, we recommend going for just the panel and not a full starter kit.

It is evident that a 100-watt solar panel will have a power output of 100 watts, but this is only when it is at its peak. If it is positioned correctly on a bright sunny day, it can offer full power output. Otherwise, under unfavorable weather conditions, the output can be lower.

But what can 100 watts of solar energy do? Let’s have a look.

What Can It Run?

It will not be smart to have a lot of expectations from a 100-watt power source. However, it does have the potential to run a lot of small, daily-use products. On a good day, it can fully power devices like laptops, wifi routers, cell phones, and even certain lights.

This makes a panel like this ideal for camping trips, road trips, or any place where there isn’t a reliable electrical source. Bigger appliances can also be powered with a solar panel, but you will need to connect more than one.

Solar Panels and Batteries

Since solar panels can only be a source of power and can’t store anything, we advise charging a battery that can be used later. Besides, solar panels work best during the day, so storing the energy in a battery can make it usable at night too!

In terms of the ideal batteries, there are two kinds – lead-acid and lithium-ion. The issue with the former is that it has to have at least 50% charge for proper energy output. So, if you are getting a lead-acid battery for a 100-watt solar panel, make sure the battery can store at least double of that.

On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries are not like lead-acid variants. Even if they discharge completely, they can still work efficiently.

Final Words

We hope this short post has cleared your questions about what can 100-watt solar panel run. We know this can be a confusing matter since there is a lot that can be explored with solar energy. However, a 100-watt panel is an excellent place to start.

Before leaving, we would like to remind you that multiple factors can affect a solar panel’s efficiency, such as weather and location. So, bear in mind that its full potential is determined based on the weather conditions.

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