How to size solar system (to optimize energy consumption and output)

solar system sizing

Green energy is the new way of life while investing in solar power is the most convenient way to source cleaner and greener energy. The latest solar panels and photovoltaic systems are affordable, easy to install, and even easier to use. By installing the right solar panels, you can efficiently optimize power consumption and energy […]

What are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting?

solar tube installation

Installing solar tube lighting, also called sun tunnels, tubular skylights, and light tubes is indeed a cost-effective way to light up your abode. Well, that is, if solar light tubes are suitable for your house. Not many homeowners know that these lighting tubes require a particular type of roof tilted at a particular angle for […]

How much energy does solar panels produce?

how much power do solar panels produce

The advent of this century has brought with it an ever-increasing consumption of fossil fuels for energy. We have reached a point where it seems unthinkable to run our daily lives without established energy sources. Unfortunately, our generation uses natural oil, petroleum, and coal at a dangerously accelerated pace. And, soon, our dependence on non-renewable […]

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