How many watts for solar powered shed?

Are you worried about mounting electricity costs? Well, then it’s time to consider harnessing solar energy for your needs.

We don’t need to tell you about the benefits of using solar energy, but the real question is, how does one go about it?

Installing a solar panel for your backyard shed or garden office sounds like a fantastic solution. However, it would help if you found out the answer to how many watts for a solar-powered shed are really needed before you can proceed with anything else.

How Does A Solar-Powered Shed Work?

For a solar-powered shed to work effectively, it needs sufficient power. For this, you need to decide on two things: the number and types of devices you want to run through it and for how many hours per day.

Solar-powered sheds have different wattages. For example, an 80W solar-powered station can generate around 400 W of electricity on any given day and run power tools for up to 4 hours.

Similarly, a 120-watt solar panel can produce 600 W of electricity in a day. Now, this can generate enough electricity to run your gaming console or TV for nearly 4 hours.

Thus, how many watts for a solar-powered shed is needed broadly depends on two things: the size of the shed and the number of devices that will run through the solar panel.

More often than not, one panel might not run all your devices. In such cases, install more than one panel, depending on the available space. Solar panels can either be installed on sheds or can be ground-mounted. Wherever you choose to install the panel, make sure it is in direct view of sunlight.

How Many Watts Is Needed To Run Some Typical Equipment?

If you’re planning on starting a garden-office or use the shed as a spare room, you will need some standard electrical equipment handy. Usually, one needs a few ceiling lights, a portable fan, a computer, a printer, a router, a smartphone, and so on. These appliances collectively need roughly 2,760 watts of power to run continuously.

Typically, a solar panel produces 250 W per hour and gets around 6 hours of direct sunlight in the summers. Therefore, to power a full office along with printers and computers, you will need around 12 solar panels that will generate around 3 kW.

If you’re using the shed as a workshop, you will need a higher wattage to power the welding tools or saws.

Final Words

So, coming back to the key question: how many watts for a solar-powered shed are needed? Running just light, a router, your smartphone, and a computer will consume around 860 watts, and you’ll need four solar panels on the shed.

You need to look up the wattage consumption of your electrical devices and decide on the number of solar panels needed for the shed.

We hope you now have a better understanding of the wattage requirement of a solar-powered shed.

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