How to use solar panels during blackout?

Let’s face it, power outages can be troublesome and can disrupt the entire day’s activities.

So, do you even wish to install solar panels whenever there is a power outage? By installing them on your roof, you can rest assured that the power supply will not be cut off completely.

However, you will need a power backup in addition to the panels for them to work. This is because the conversion process will require electricity.

Let us discuss how to use solar panels during power outage situations in the following section.

How To Use Solar Panels During Power Outage?

There are 2 ways in which you can use solar panels; one is with battery or inverter backup, and the other is by using an off-grid solar system.

Now when it comes to a power grid, all the excess electricity goes into the grid, and a utility company is involved in this process. This is called net metering and it is a cost-effective solution that most people choose.

However, in this case, your home will not be protected from blackouts as the grid will stop functioning during power failures, and solar energy will not get converted. In case your area is prone to power cuts, then it is best to invest in batteries or an inverter that will fit your budget.

Using A Battery

Batteries provide the most amount of power backup. That said, a battery’s capacity will depend on the type that you choose. There are different options available, and you can make a choice depending on your requirement and power needs. This will keep your lights on even when the grid is not working.

Using An Inverter

An inverter is a cheaper option when compared to a battery. This will provide you with limited power that will last for some time and work well in places with rare power outages. Homeowners can invest in it if they do not want to spend a lot on purchasing batteries.


A severe storm or snow can cut off an entire area’s power, and that can affect thousands of people living in that area. Solar panels can rescue you from such situations, but you will need to have either of the two options discussed above.

An off-grid system is what you need as that will not be disturbed by power failures, but using batteries or an inverter will increase costs. So, we would suggest that you understand your needs and then go on to select a system.

We hope this has helped you understand how solar panels work. If you are completely prepared, your work and daily activities will not be disrupted at all during emergency situations.

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